IRS 501(c)(3) Form 1023 Help – Nonprofit Application For 501(c)(3) Tax ExemptionA Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide To Staring A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Instructions for IRS Form 1023 Part XI – 501(c)(3) User fee information

Form 1023 Part XI – User fee information. This is the last part of the IRS form 1023. If you’ve made it this far, you should be proud of yourself and get ready for a vacation. We have one last section and you are done. The last section is the user fees. You can use either personal, business, or cashier check to pay your fees. It doesn’t matter what you use, but my suggestion is to use a personal check. With personal check, you know when the IRS has cashed your check and you have a confirmation that your application wasn’t lost. Also if the post office loses your package, you are not out of your money. Assemble everything just like the checklist instruct you to. Go here to see the form 1023 checklist and instruction.

The user fee for an organization filing Form 1023 is $600. The fee must be paid through when the application is filed. Payment can be made directly from your bank account or by credit/debit card. These figures are subject to change so make sure to call the IRS to find out their latest User Fees.

Now pack up all your hard work and send them out to the address provided on your form 1023. If you have done everything right, you’ll receive a letter like this and you can finally open the champagne bottle. If you need to expedite your application, proceed to the next section.

If you need me to review your documents to make sure everything is correct, see Application Review page.

501c3 Determination Letter

NOTE: If you’d like to receive the six major documents, (Articles of Incorporation, Nonprofit Bylaws, and Conflict of Interest Policy, Form 1023 Attachment, Expedite Letter Sample, and Donor Contribution Form) in Microsoft Word Document format, please consider making a donation and you’ll get to download them immedietly. This will save you weeks of copy pasting and formatting as they are ready to go templates which only need changing names and addresses.

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