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How to accept donations for nonprofit organization with Dwolla

For over a decade, PayPal has been a de-facto payment processor for individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations and like every other company with no competition, PayPal has managed to extort their fees from every penny exchanged. Not only PayPal Fees are back breaking for nonprofit organizations, the PayPal customer service leave much to be desired as well with their constant account lockups, long waits on the phone and arsenal of documents they require to open a nonprofit account.

For a few years now, Dwolla, the brand new super hero of payment processors has put PayPal in its place, by under cutting the eBay giant in pretty much every account. Not only Dwolla is the best choice for nonprofit organizations, it’s the cheapest option as well.
For example, on a $1000 transaction, PayPal charges $29.30 in transaction fees. How much Dwolla charges? 25 Cent. Dwolla transfers are either free for amount less than $10 and a fixed 25 cent for anything over, no matter the amount.

Protect that operating budget
Fundraising is hard work. Stop losing 3% to credit card fees on every donation.
Simple fees
At just 25 cents per transaction or free for transactions $10 and under, Dwolla’s fees were designed with non-profits in mind.
Accept donations online…
Add a donate button to your website or integrate Dwolla into your existing system.
…and in person
Use Dwolla’s mobile apps to accept donations in person.

Integration of Dwolla into your website is as easy as PayPal, and Dwolla actually offers hub pages to nonprofit organizations as well. Give Dwolla a try, you’ll love it as much as I do.


Signup for Dwolla from here and get $10 in free transaction fees as well. That should be enough to accept donations for free for a whole year.

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Avatar for Loren Martin
Loren MartinJanuary 28th, 2016 at 4:03 pm

Both your templates and your sage advice are fantastic! I’ll be back for a review donation as soon as I’m comfortable with the documents. Thanks so much, Saving Whiskers And Tails (SWAT) animal rescue group

Avatar for Hymetta
HymettaAugust 15th, 2015 at 12:37 pm

Thank you for creating this NP page. I am working on my paperwork. I appreciate all the advice and information. Look for a donation and when I open I will contact you for a consistent arrangement.

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