Important Resources on Nonprofit Governance

Directory of important Resources on Nonprofit Governance

This page is a directory of articles covering key aspects of nonprofit governance, including topics like the role of nonprofit boards of directors, effective leadership strategies, governance best practices, and more. Hopefully this makes it easier so you can see all the links on one page so you can open them in different tabs to follow along. Although these resources and IRS manuals are accessible from the top navigation menu, this page helps the special-needs users by making them more accesible.

Nonprofit Governance: Effective and Ethical Leadership

  • Nonprofit governance refers to the set of practices, policies, and procedures that guide the management and oversight of nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Board Of Directors, Officers & Members Explained

  • Detailed explanation of nonprofit board of directors with legal requirements, roles and responsibilities for board members, officers and committees.

Nonprofit Board Meeting Minutes Sample & Template

  • A simple nonprofit board minute sample / template to record your board meeting agenda, attendance and decisions, regardless of size of the organization.
IRS Form 1023 Application Review