Starting a 501c3 Church & Ministry Resources

Resources to start a 501c3 Church or a Religious Organization such as a Ministry

This page is a directory of instructions and resources relating to starting a 501c3 church or a ministry. Starting a 501c3 church is not so much different from a run of the mill nonprofit exempt organization, however you need to be aware of special IRS rules and regulations regarding churches and religious organizations. Although these start a 501c3 church resources are accessible from the top navigation menu, this page helps users with disability who are using text readers.

How to apply for Church 501c3 Exemption or a Religious Ministry

  • An in-depth explanation of a church 501c3 tax exemption application & it’s benefits vs. churches’ automatic exemption and its transparency issues. This is a must read for all churches whether the decide to make the leap or not.

Churches and ministries Political Activities & its grave consequences

  • Churches & religious organizations are prohibited from political activities such as participating or intervening in any political campaign. We explore the consequences of political activities by the churches and why you should care!

Church Charitable Contributions & Donation Disclosure Rules

  • A church or religious organization should provide written acknowledgment of contribution or donations to its donors, otherwise the donor can’t claim tax deduction. A look at the laws of disclosure rules regarding religious organization’s contributions.

Church Ministers Compensation and Salaries Laws & Regulations

  • An explanation of Church ministers compensation laws and regulations such as church minister’s salaries, housing allowance, expense reimbursements & income tax withholding.

Churches and Unrelated Business Income TAX

  • Churches and religious organizations are subject to unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) when they engage in unrelated income-producing activities. This article is a must read for all churches and religious organizations.

Can a Church or Ministry be Audited by the IRS?

  • Churches, ministries and other religious organizations can be audited by the IRS in certain circumstances and can lose their tax exemption status. here we explore the audit process and the semi-immunity that churches enjoy.
IRS Form 1023 Application Review