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Do you have a question regarding your exemption application or forming your nonprofit?

Nonprofit ConsultationFor all these years I never offered a service like this because my goal for this website has never been commercial, and never will be. However I do understand that navigating a complex process such as applying for tax exemption is not a walk in a park and I would like to give an opportunity to those who really need it.

I get emails and phone calls on a daily basis from people who’ve been wronged by “expert exemption application services” that are popping up like mushrooms and only care about their profit. Not only that, they are using my own free articles and templates to charge these unsuspecting people.

Tax-exemption & Form 1023 Consultation services

I don’t know anything about running a for-profit business (as you can tell by this free website), but if it’s a nonprofit or tax exemption question, you’re in the right place. Over half of the people who call me are practicing attorneys and CPAs helping their clients so don’t be shy! And of course read the testimonials and find out for yourself.

If you like a phone consultation, consider donating to keep this website alive for you and others. For a $79 donation you have me for 20 minutes and $149 for 40 minutes. You’ll also get all my templates such as bylaws, articles of incorporation, conflict of interest policy and so on with this contribution.

Form 1023 Application Preparation Services

I often get asked whether I provide complete Form 1023 application preparation services where I would do everything on your behalf. The short answer is yes, I do, but I’m extremely picky about what organizations I choose to accept. Money has no bearing on my decision but If I feel that the organization is unique and will provide immense public benefits, I may consider it. If you feel you have a case worthy of attention, contact me.


IRS Form 1023 Application Review