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Helping Nonprofits with Form 1023 for Over 10 Years

chris-sorbiThis nonprofit Form 1023 Help-site is a complete and absolutely free source for starting a charitable nonprofit organization by Preparing Your Own 501(c)(3) Application for tax exemption. The IRS form 1023 is explained and examined page by page, and every question is answered with references to successful applications and sample documents.

This website is the result of many sleepless nights, and countless Advils spanning over 10 years. There are approximately 108,000 words on this site, equivalent of three 150 page novels, with a main difference that when a book is published, there are no more changes, but I have to maintain this two-headed snake up-to-date because these are legal instructions for an ever-changing field. Saying that, this site is free for you to use and share, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s been helping nonprofits for over 10 years, and will continue to serve as intended.

To use this site, follow the vertical menu on the right side of the page and go in the same order until you finish the exemption application process. If you see a link in text of this site (highlighted), click on it as it contains instructions and important information.

VERY IMPORTANT: In a few sections, I have provided the exact text from the IRS training and operational manual which is used by the IRS agents when they review your form 1023 application. These sections are not available from anywhere but here and the IRS, which is like giving you the cheat-sheet along with your exam. Please don’t overlook these documents, I know they are long, but they give you the power to understand why the questions are asked, and why you should answer them in certain ways.

Don’t forget to use the Search Function at the top of this website as it outputs results with extreme relevancy. If you ever find anything broken, misspelled or just out of wack, shoot me an email and I will take care of it. I wish I could say have fun, but I know that preparing the Form 1023 is far from fun, so all I can say is good luck.

If you find this site useful, please consider donating a few dollars to help with its colossal upkeep and maintenance.

Keep it live for others, as others have kept it alive for you.

If you need me to review your documents to make sure everything is correct please see the Application Review Page.

Hope you find this agonizing work of several years useful at the least.

Chris Sorbi

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