Instructions for Form 1023 Part VIII (8)- Effective Date & IRS 27 Month Rule

Form 1023 Part VIII (8) Are you submitting this application more than 27 months after the end of the month in which you were legally formed? If “Yes,” complete Schedule E.

Now as for the 27 month rule, in general, an organization has 27 months after its formation to apply for tax exemption status in order to be exempt from paying taxes from the date of its incorporation. If you have missed a giant 2 and ¼ years window, you should have a damn good explanation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply.

Instructions For Form 1023 Part VIII (8)- Effective Date & IRS 27 Month Rule

It only means that in case you’re approved, the IRS won’t backdate your exemption, and the date of the exemption will be the approval date of the 501c3 status. And Yes, you need to complete the Form 1023 Schedule E.

Please see the complete instructions for all the IRS Form 1023 Schedules.



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Nonprofit Bylaws - Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation - Nonprofit Conflict of Interest Policy

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