IRS Tax Exemption Resources & Manuals

Important Resources for nonprofit tax exemption process

This page is a directory of resources and IRS manuals such as fundraising, interns and volunteers compensations, and more. Hopefully this makes it easier so you can see all the links on one page so you can open them in different tabs to follow along. Although these resources and IRS manuals are accessible from the top navigation menu, this page helps the special-needs users by making them more accesible.

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    Amending / Restating the Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation 

    • Amendments to the nonprofit articles of incorporation can change the language of an existing provision, add a new provision, or to delete a provision. 

    How to open a Bank Account for a Nonprofit Organization

    • Nonprofit organizations should open a bank account right away. Don’t wait until your exemption status is approved to open a nonprofit back account. In this article you can find out how and where to open a bank account for your organization.

      Interns & Volunteer in Nonprofit Organization, Can they be paid?

      • What are volunteers and Interns in a nonprofit organization and A closer look at labor laws for compensation of interns or volunteers in the nonprofit sector.

      Nonprofit CEO Salaries & Executive Directors Compensations

      • Exploring the morality and legality of nonprofit CEO and executive directors salaries & compensations, and how to compensate your nonprofit CEO and directors fairly.

      NTEE code list, National Taxonomy f Exempt Entities codes

      • NTEE code or National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities code summarizes an organization’s exempt purpose. NTEE code should be selected at the time applying for tax exemption. Here’s the list of all the NTEE codes for use on the form 1023.

      Sexual Harassment Policy Sample for Nonprofits 

      • This sample sexual harassment policy is intended for use by nonprofit organizations to help them develop their own sexual harassment policies. Once completed it should be added to the bylaws of the nonprofit organization.

      IRS Manual for Determination of Public Charity Status

      • The complete IRS manual for determination of Public Charity Status for assistance with Form 1023 application filing and reference. This manual is used by IRS examiners determining your legibility for 501c3 exemption.

      § 501. Internal Revenue Code of 1986 Section 501(c)(3)

      • Complete text of the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) for assistance with form 1023 tax exemption application filing and reference.

      Useful Books on Fundraising & Nonprofits

      • Here are a few nonprofit books on subject of running a smooth organization & fundraising. There are many good books out there but I’ve selected a few here for you. 


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