How you can make a difference

Do GoodThis nonprofit help website has been a beacon of hope for thousands of people just like yourself who wanted to do good without paying astronomical attorney fees to start a nonprofit organization.

With your help, I’ve kept this site up and running for over a decade despite all the ups and downs and costs. It hasn’t been easy but it is, and has been the right thing to do.

There are hundreds of shady businesses who’ve been advertising their “services” to unsuspecting nonprofits just to enrich themselves and they are spending thousands of dollars a month in advertising to push this free how-to start a nonprofit website down in search engine ranking.


How Can you help?

You can make a difference by taking a few seconds to share this site on your social media or better yet provide a link back from your website.

Sharing and linking to this site will keep it alive and accessible for everyone just like yourself. Thank you for all you do and keep on doing good.

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