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I welcome any and all feedback and suggestions regarding and its content. If you are compelled to thank me for some odd reason, just click the button below and pour your heart out or better yet, consider donating a few dollars to keep this site alive for yourself and the others.  If you came here to read other nonprofits’ testimonials, there are hundreds of them, so browse away. I hope that this painstaking work of several years has been useful in some way, and I truly wish you the best of luck in your humanitarian endeavor.


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$35 Definitely Worth It!

5.0 rating
March 16, 2020

The documents I got for my $35 donation were amazing. I was honestly dreading filling them out, and then they were so easy and straight forward. I have pretty much finished my 1023 form at this point, and definitely plan to pay the fee to have Chris review it before we submit once we have enough money saved up. (Unfortunately, we are located in Nashville, so the combination of the tornado and now the virus has really hurt us). Just wanted to say that I was skeptical but desperate when I donated and downloaded the files, but they were definitely better than I could have hoped!

Victoria King Halo Missions

No questions asked!

5.0 rating
March 8, 2020

Hi Chris,
I am excited to report that we received our tax exempt status… no questions asked! Thank you again!!

Shelly Goo, The Bridge Restoration Ministry - Napa

Just when I thought I was gonna have to hire a lawyer...

5.0 rating
March 4, 2020

This website came along! Thank you for providing us with everything we need! God bless!

Angel 1111

Thank you

5.0 rating
February 26, 2020

Good news! Mentoring Warriors has been awarded a 501c3!
Effective November 25 2019!
All the best!

David Riffel

5 Months, No Questions Asked by IRS. Thanks Chris!

5.0 rating
February 13, 2020

Chris was extraordinarily helpful and quick in helping me to go through my Form 1023. He was clearly an expert on the form and knew exactly where the IRS would ask clarifying questions if I submitted it as is. He helped me to fix what I needed to fix and spent time on our call explaining it in detail. It ultimately took the IRS 5 months to approve our 501(c)(3) tax exemption and they did not ask any questions. Had they asked questions, this would likely take much longer but they didn’t ask questions because Chris helped me to fill out the form perfectly the first time. 10/10 definitely worth the donation.

The 52 Million Project

God bless you richly

5.0 rating
January 22, 2020

Hey Chris!
Thank you for all your great advice on how to get our nonprofit status. We did exactly what you told us to do and we were approved within one month! I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and clear instructions.
God bless you richly,

Wendy Arthur, Dimensions Ministries

Happy New Year!

5.0 rating
January 6, 2020

Hi Chris
Happy New Year!
I am writing to let you know that our application was just approved by the IRS – I filed it mid October! The approval is retroactive to February 2019 as we would have wished
Thank you so very much for all your guidance without which this would not have been possible.

Sohini, Moonlight Foundation

cant wait to start

5.0 rating
January 6, 2020

I have been on YouTube for the past two days, I said this year I would stop being scared and start my non profit. I found a video with a link to this website,and let me tell yaw! I am so excited to get started. My goal is to be completely ligate by June of this year. After going through this site, I am pretty confident that I will. The fee amount for everything that you offer is amazing. Thank you.

Katrina Wilson

Chris does an EXCELLENT JOB. Made the entire process simple and easy!

5.0 rating
December 28, 2019

Chris made the entire process so easy from start to finish. He was always there to answer any questions and took me step by step. There is no way I could have done on my own. We are grateful for his help and we received our 501c3 status. He is professional, knowledgeable, and understands the entire process. Thank you Chris for all your help.

Toni Metzger

Thanks so much for your help!

5.0 rating
December 26, 2019

Hi Chris,
Just wanted to let you know that our 501c3 status was approved and I contacted the Texas SOS to petition for tax exempt status.
Thanks so much for your help!

Amy Crum

I appreciate all the help you gave me.

5.0 rating
December 17, 2019

I just want to thank you for all your help in providing the best information for me to get my organization a 501 (c) 3 non-profit status. Filling out a form 1023 is a daunting task and your information was spot on. After 3 months from submission, the IRS got back to me stating that it will be at least 6 – 9 more months before they will get a determination for me.
So I felt that I could not wait that long so using your material I requested expedited processing. Low and behold I was accepted for expedited processing. In the meantime, my Articles of Incorporation which was done by an attorney had errors that the IRS said needed to be corrected before they could approve. Due to having the articles of incorporation amended it delayed the process 2 weeks but in the end, I received my letter of determination from the IRS in just 6 weeks from the time I was accepted in the expedited process.
I just want to let you know how thankful I am about your service and I appreciate all the help you gave me.
Kindest regards,

Ron Clukey, Up Up and Away Florida

Thanks for all your help man

5.0 rating
December 9, 2019

Hi Chris,
Thought you’d want to know, we received our official IRS determination letter last week! Boom!
Thanks for all your help man.
Summit Community Health, Inc.

Tom Bond

It was processed in only 7 weeks with the expedite letter!

5.0 rating
November 14, 2019

Aloha Chris,
I wanted to write to let you know we received our 501c3 approval letter! They approved it favorably on October 17th! The application was received on August 31st, 2019. It was processed in only 7 weeks with the expedite letter!
Thank you so much for all of your expertise and guidance. I could not have accomplished this without your help.
Many Many Mahalos.

Heather Howard, Coral Reef Education Institute

Blessed.... Thank you

5.0 rating
November 6, 2019

Thank you for saving me hours of trying to figure out how to do our organization by-laws. This is truly a blessing and I recommend this company.

Stephanie V.

Value, value, value

5.0 rating
October 31, 2019

This site is extraordinary. Well done and thanks for all of your hard work. The value I received for a mere $35 has been greatly appreciated. I am definitely taking advantage of the Application Review next. Bravo.

Jim Connell, Craftsman Cafe
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