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Church Automatic Tax Exemption, The Unpunished American Treason

Church Tax Exemption, The Unpunished American Treason. Surprisingly, many people don’t fully grasp what tax exemption is, so allow me to elaborate on the subject. Tax exemption is the state of being exempt from paying taxes to State or Federal government on certain income incurred by a qualified organization. This part is easy to explain, but what people overlook is the taxation itself. Tax dollars are the money that the government collects to build roads, bridges, schools, parks, go to wars with poor brown nations 20,000 miles away, and many other social, political, and cultural activities. In short, tax is the contribution of every citizen to his country’s welfare.

When an organization is exempt from paying taxes, it means that rest of society has to cover the deficit. So, when the government grants tax exemption status to an organization, the government assumes that the said organization will provide public benefits to other bodies of society, so great in value, that justifies the deficit imposed on the tax budget.

When you ask Christians why Churches should be exempt from paying taxes, they have a few cookie-cutter answers that throw in the ring:

Because church donors already paid taxes on their income.(So does every other donor who donates to any organization!)

Taxing Churches is a sure way of government interfering with freedom of religion. (Bread and butter of Church propaganda)

and of course my favorite, which happens to be a terrifying statement:

Donations to Churches are God’s money and the United States government has no jurisdiction over God.

Tax exemption is not a right; it’s a temporary privilege. In fact, tax exemption is the highest privilege a government can give an organization. In order for the government to consider an organization eligible for such trust, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) subjects the applicant to a battery of tests and scrutiny in order to weed out potential crooks and charlatans. This test is called the “Application for Recognition of Exemption”, an ungodly long and meticulous process that probes every hole and cavity of the applying organization to find flaws and misinformation. In addition, the IRS charges the applicant a non-refundable user fee of $450 – $850 dollars, based on their projected revenue, in order to review the application.

Once the application is approved, the organization becomes legally responsible to provide the IRS with timely and strict annual financial reports on their income, expenditures, programs expenses, real estate holdings, etc. Some States like California even take it further to enforce large tax exempt organizations that handle public funds, to conduct yearly third party audits in order to ensure no corruption is taking place within the organization. Remember the term Public Funds, because it will make a lot more sense later.

Acquiring tax exemption comes with great responsibilities and requires utmost transparency. Because exempt organizations are supported mainly by public funds, it is illegal for these organizations to support and/or oppose candidates running for public office on any level, and to cap it off, the IRS imposes severe limitations on influencing legislation and lobbying by exempt organizations. This is just a simplified version of the story, but it should give you an idea of what’s involved.

So after reading this, you are probably thinking, “What a great system!” and you are probably thanking the heavens for the IRS. But don’t jump the gun just yet. IRS’s hands are tied when it comes to dealing with the most corrupt of all organizations; Churches.

Churches, the disgrace to the true nonprofit sector are neither obligated, nor willing to share ANY financial information with the public, their own members, or anyone else for that matter. It’s imperative to mention that Churches enjoy “automatic tax exemption”, NOT by due process or paying fees, like every other exempt organization, but as an implicit and God given “right.”

Let me rephrase that again, because it’s awfully important. Churches don’t pay a single dollar in taxes. They don’t share any financial information that every other exempt organization in the country is subjected to by law, and they publicly influence legislations, and support and oppose election candidates nationwide on regular basis.

So, where does the IRS stand when it comes to conducting investigations into Church matters that “automatically” regards exempt from paying taxes? The following is straight from the mouth of the IRS. It’s appalling. It’s shameful. And it’s utterly ridicules.

The IRS may only initiate a Church tax inquiry if a high-ranking IRS official, reasonably believes, based on a written statement of the facts and circumstances, that the organization: (a) may not qualify for the exemption; or (b) may not be paying tax on unrelated business or other taxable activity.

Which means, the IRS will look into wrongdoing of a Church, only if the scandal makes the national headlines. This implies that when the Church commits a crime, only God should be the judge, whether it is raping altar boys or evading billions in taxes.

Many of you might not even be old enough or care enough to remember Heritage USA, a theme park which was erected from the tax dollars of American people for the sole enjoyment and amusement of the faithful by Praise The Lord Club (PTL), in Fort Mill, South Carolina. I used to live three miles from the site and the events are still a vivid memory for many Carolina residents.

Founded by televangelist Jim Bakker and his ET looking wife, Tammy Faye Bakker, Heritage USA was no ordinary establishment. Averaging $120 million dollars in revenue per year, HUSA was a top vacation-destination only behind Disneyland, and it was the heaven on earth for every living Christian soul, including their dogs. Jerry Falwell, the controversial Baptist televangelist, monumentally raised over $20 million dollars in one single fundraising drive to show his support for PTL, and his historic plunge down the 163 ft water slide of the park became national news. Everything was good and holy, until its founder Jim Bakker raped the famous Playboy Model Jessica Hahn, and tried to silence her by paying her $287,000 out of organization funds. This time national attention on the fiasco became too much for the IRS to ignore, like it always does. This time the IRS came through by auditing the embarrassing church scandal and revoked their (of course, automatically granted) exemption status.

The Charlotte Observer ran exposes of PTL’s finances and management practices. Pictures and footage of an air-conditioned doghouse emerged from the home of Jim and Tammy Faye, and PTL went bankrupt after being taken over by Jerry Falwell, who offered to step in following the scandal. Under Falwell’s leadership, Heritage USA sought chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with debts estimated at 72 million dollars. The 165,000 people who each gave 1,000 dollars (a mighty sum of 165 million dollars) to Jim’s planned hotel tower (in return for promised four-day vacation stay) each received only $6.54 in return. One hundred and sixty five million dollars vanished into oblivion right under the nose of the IRS through their automated tax exemption grant system, and failure to regulate these criminals.

Jim Bakker was found guilty on 24 counts of fraud and conspiracy, fined 500,000 dollars, and spent less than 5 years in prison. His monster looking wife, Tammy Faye, continued to sell imaginary-houses in heaven above on live television, despite being an accessory to this abomination, until her timely death from a fate-earned Colon Cancer in 2007. Jerry Falwell who humorist George Hayduke, called a “fund-grubbing electronic Bible-banger” and, “pious pride-in-the-pulpit,” went on to become the most ridiculed man in American History for saying and doing stupid things that made George W. Bush appear like Aristotle. And this scandal was, and is, one of the smaller scale frauds that go on every day from Mississippi to California.

Why did the IRS fail to prevent such disaster?

It wasn’t because there are no patriotic people in the IRS, or that it is a corrupt branch of the government. No, they failed because they couldn’t do anything even if they wanted to. They followed the laws set for them by the congress which implicitly do not permit interference with Churches.

If a nonprofit organization CEO rode around in a custom designed bulletproof Mercedes, and if he had a butler to put on his socks and attend to his needs 24/7, and if he had a personal chef to exclusively prepare his meals, and if he had a personal physician on location at all times, and if he had a slave to hold an umbrella over his head when it rained, and if he wore a funny red hat,.. I wonder if one person with sound mind would even think of donating a single penny to such a parasite. But somehow people sign over their paychecks to a similar joker that does all the above using tax payers’ money, just because he is called the Pope!

Reverend Leon Milton Birkhead, a truly rare and moderate man of God puts it so beautifully in so few sentences:

It is claimed for the church that it ought to be exempt from taxation because of the valuable social service which it renders to human suffering. It is well just to keep in mind two facts: first, that very few churches are actually engaged in ministering to the poor (other agencies render such services much more efficiently), and, second, that the churches so engaged never do so from the highest motives; they are always thinking of winning supporters and members.

And he goes on to say:

The church contributes services to the state as a police power more valuable than the mere pittance it might pay on its tax exempt property, the friends of religion claim. But does it? I ask this question in all sincerity. It may be there was a time when people could be frightened into being good by the fear of hell. It may be that Voltaire was right in his day when he said that he didn’t believe in hell, but he wanted his servants to believe in It. But that time is gone, for hell has been abolished and the church has lost its power (if it ever possessed it) to keep “bad people” in order. It is illuminating in this connection to read the statistics with respect to the religion of criminals confined in our penitentiaries.

To tax church property would put many churches out of existence. The defenders of the exemption of church property say, If an organization cannot pay its way, if it hasn’t members and friends who believe in it sufficiently to support it, why should those of us who do not believe in it at all, who believe, in fact, that it is a vicious, superstitious institution, be compelled to support it?

We all agree that there may be some excuse for exempting schools, orphanages, and hospitals from taxation, for they are performing functions the state would be obliged to perform. But religion is another matter — a very personal and private matter which is no affair of the state.

This is not a matter of believing in God on a personal level or not. Whether you offer your prayers to Captain Kangaroo or Jesus Christ, practicing your religion is your personal and private right, and I’m the first to defend your rights to do so. But when the imaginary-god worshippers get together to form a criminal organization and call it a Church, this activity becomes an ever occurring crime of abuse and exploitation on a scale so grand that affects not only every citizen of this country; but it reaches far out to other nations in forms of foreign policies, sanctions, embargoes, wars, and genocides, all because of giving too much power to these time-proven guilty organizations without the slightest of regulations. And our government funds them with your tax dollars.

Let’s say that you go to a restaurant and there happen to be 40 people eating at another table. They finish their meals and when the time comes to pay the bill, the table of 40 would announce that they believe in Jesus Christ and because of their belief they should not pay their bill. The restaurant owner would then hold you accountable to pay their bill plus your own. I wonder what your reaction would be? Wouldn’t you be outraged? Wouldn’t you feel wronged for something that shouldn’t have been your responsibility?

If you would feel like that for getting stuck with paying the bill for 40 Christians at the restaurant, why don’t you feel like that every day when you pay the Churches’ bills with your tax dollars for things that have nothing to do with you? And more insulting; for activities that you neither endorse nor believe in. What great folks these Christians are who impose their legal and social responsibilities on others, so they can conduct their shameful business of preaching their personalized dogmatic interpretation of “godliness” tax free. What a Christian thing to do.

And some people may think this is a small sum of money that can be waived. Taxes on real estate holding and assets of the Catholic Church alone could balance the Federal budget deficit. These are unpaid and dodged taxes on properties and activities that are strictly unrelated to anything charitable or educational. They operate profit making businesses, like parking lots, billboard lots, gymnasiums, fast-food restaurants, stadiums, wedding halls,… and they don’t pay their taxes, because it’s their god given right, until they get caught once in a blue moon. Then their cries go up to the heavens on how the Church was betrayed by the government and they can’t wait to ask the very same government they try to “keep out”, to punish the whistleblowers. The justice system of our country has become a mockery of mafia bought judges on Church payrolls, and if the judges in the Supreme Court fail to deliver, they revert to their terrorizing tactics to get the job done.

Article Six of the United States Constitution provides that, “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States”. But somehow in our corrupt Christian run government system, every public office candidate, regardless of his political party, feels the urge to do two things before addressing any meaningful issues:

  1. To showcase his unsightly wife to demonstrate his commitment to sanctity of marriage; an ambiguous basis for every sheep-like activity that is the backbone of every religion.
  2. To lend his lips to the Church leaders’ asses to get approval of their unquestioningly obedient and reasonless congregation before every election, from Town Halls to the White House.

In 1802 Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase “Separation of Church and State” echoing “…I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”

Church and State might seem separated, but in reality, they are one.

The only group that benefits from this declaration is the Church and only the Church, as they have a green light from the Congress and the Supreme Court to do anything they damn please, and not be accountable to any authority but their imaginary god. When the table turns and they need to stick their fingers where they don’t belong, they are all in favor of bringing the “Separation Wall” down, so they can participate in State matters; stealing jobs, getting their crooks elected, passing laws for more protection for their illegal entities, money laundering, and spending millions in supporting their criminal candidates to have their own puppets inside the White House or the sellout Congress.

The First and fourteenth Amendments to United States Constitution clearly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, which means no preference, prohibition in establishment, and/or aid should be given to any religious organization.

Federal government and States are violating the Constitution by giving certain religious organizations special preference as the only religious organizations that are automatically exempt from paying taxes without question. All other not-so-recognized religious groups, have to go through the same process as everyone else. So in reality, the United States Government steps on the Constitution with muddy boots to illegally give the highest privilege it can give by “selecting” between the bunch.

While the Christian Churches cry wolf day and night for being discriminated against, they discriminate against anyone they don’t like and they get away with it. Take the Seventh Day Adventist Church for example. They have no shame to write on their website and university brochures, that they publicly discriminate against Non-Adventists in hiring practices, disciplinary action, and promotions, while they claim to be exempt from paying taxes under the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal revenue code. Since the community in which Churches reside, subsidizes Churches by means of tax exemption, one would suppose that they would be community institutions. But such is not the case. They are very exclusive and are quick to deny their privileges to the public except upon very exacting conditions. It is needless to mention that these criminal organizations are naturally entitled to publicly paid-for services such as police protection, fire department, public transportation, and public roads, etc.

The Church influences the State on every possible and imaginable level. They have lobbyists at Capitol Hill, they have congressmen, senators, and pretty much every US presidential candidate on their payroll. They manipulate their political and financial power to corrupt and cripple the government and the society, and do it with extreme diligence and determination, much like the cancer that they are. They multiply and take over the vital organs of the country, until nothing is left to keep the host alive. The Band-Aids that the few patriotic State and Federal agencies try to put on this cancer to keep it under control is just like Chemotherapy, it fails more often than not and only makes the host look bald. The cancer prevails if you don’t cut it out at the source.

Even if you overlook the relaxed zoning rules and special parking privileges for Churches, the tax-free status of Church properties, the fact that Christmas is a federal holiday, the fact that the motto of our seemingly secular nation is “In God We trust”, and the fact that our so called “servants” on the highest levels, such as the Supreme Court, are nothing but Christian individuals whose allegiance is not to their country, but to their Church; you can’t overlook the pummeled rights of millions of Americans who suffer involuntarily because of these villains.

So why do I say Churches are organized crime sects with tax exemption? Well imagine a single person committing the following crimes in his life time who also happened to be exempt from paying taxes:

Raping young boys, marrying girls at age 12 against their will, slaughtering several civilizations because they worshiped the wrong god, ordering assassinations on other nations’ leaders, running extermination camps, causing the bloodiest and longest wars, destroying others’ homes, executing children in cold blood, beheadings, burning at stake… do I need to count more?

If there was such a person, his tax exemption status would be the last thing on your mind. He would most certainly be hunted, prosecuted, and hanged upside down from the Statue of Liberty. And people would travel from every corner of the country to line up in thousands to spit on his rotten hanging body. But somehow people close their eyes when Churches get to do all the above, regularly, openly, and unapologetically. Their actions are justified as a sick and twisted accepted normality.

The phrase American Christian is an oxymoron. There is no such a thing as an American Christian. A Christian is one who is pure in heart and mind, thought, word and deed and follows in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, adhering to the teachings of Jesus. A Christian’s allegiance is to God first and then to his country, provided his country abides by the laws of God. If his country does not abide by God’s Law, he should leave that country peacefully.

But a deluded, dogma-infested believer in a Church pretending to be God’s authority on earth that is void of truth and purity will say, “to hell with the country” and practices vengeance, because he is not one bit shy to go to war against it. If a day comes that the United States bans Christianity, you can be sure that there will be armies of deluded self-proclaimed Christians armed to the teeth, raping, burning, and murdering every Non-Christian in sight. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

Take the Mormon Church, which is one of the most profitable Churches in the United States, as an example. Not only is the Mormon’s short history filled with high treason against the country, but it is also one of the darkest pages of our recent history.

John Taylor, the third President, Prophet, Seer and Revelator of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Pope like figure amongst Mormons, once uttered:

We believe in honesty, morality, and purity; but when they [The United States] enact tyrannical laws, forbidding us the free exercise of our religion, we cannot submit. God is greater than the United States, and when the Government conflicts with heaven, we will be ranged under the banner of heaven and against the Government.

And this treasonous quote is not in regard with the government trying to tax them, or not even letting them worship their swindler Prophet, Joseph Smith. No, this stance was taken against the United States making Polygamy a felony charge. In essence, the Mormon Church chose to go to war with its host country rather than abandoning rape and forcing underage girls to marry adult men in dozens.

Listening to a religious nut is one thing and putting it to practice is another. But as all religions, the followers must be brain dead to begin with, so reasoning is out of the window. “Under the banner of heaven” the Mormon Church slaughtered 140 innocent men, women and children in retaliation to the restrictions imposed by the government, in what became known as the Mountain Meadow Massacre; and that is only counting one incident. By the way, the Mormon Churches are also automatically exempt from paying taxes. What a just way to punish murderers.

The motto of the United States should be changed from “In God we Trust” to “In god we trust that we have the right to screw anyone else who doesn’t trust in our god.”

So the next time you sit in your Church, remember that you are sitting on tax dollars of millions of Americans who you, by now knowingly, and illegally force to sponsor your gathering. Remember it when you impose your legal duty on the shoulders of single mothers, cripples, the poor, and those who don’t believe in your god, to subsidize the income of your Church clergies and employees. Remember it when you force the gay and women to pay your leaders paychecks by their tax dollars when such positions are reserved only for men, and men of your god only.

It’s up to you, the citizens of the United States to rise up and defend your rights. Haven’t you had enough? Haven’t you seen enough? How much more can you take? The only thing you haven’t done is to bend over and spread your cheeks!

Very few political leaders in our country have had the courage to speak out against these extortions. President Ulysses S. Grant was one of the brave few who spoke his mind in a message to Congress in 1875:

I would also call your attention to the importance of correcting an evil that, if permitted to continue, will probably lead to great trouble in our land before the close of the nineteenth century. It is the acquisition of vast amounts of untaxed church property. [In 1850, I believe, the church property of the United States, which paid no tax, municipal or state, amounted to about $83,000,000. In 1860 the amount had doubled. In 1875 it is about $1,000,000,000. By 1900, without a check, it is safe to say this property will reach a sum exceeding $3,000,000,000. So vast a sum, receiving all the protection and benefits of government without bearing its proportion of the burdens and expenses of the same, will not be looked upon acquiescently by those who have to pay the taxes.] In a growing country, where real estate enhances so rapidly with time as in the United States, there is scarcely a limit to the wealth that may be acquired by corporations, religious or otherwise, if allowed to retain real estate without taxation. The contemplation of so vast a property as here alluded to, without taxation, may lead to sequestration without constitutional authority, and through blood. I would suggest the taxation of all property equally, whether church or corporation.

Nearly 140 years has passed since the last brave American official has stood for something he believed in and we are still in the pit of supporting religion. There are only two options on the table:

  1. Either tax the Churches and take away the privileges that other exempt organizations are not entitled to;
  2. or, allow Churches to apply for tax exemption, but put them in the same class as everyone else, which means that they should prove they have charitable or educational activities, (Preaching the bible doesn’t count), and force them to open their books.

I’m not being unfair, I’m just asking for simple justice. I’m asking for holding up the laws of the nation. I’m asking for no discrimination. I’m asking that the Constitution of the United States be duly and rightfully honored and nothing else.

Write to your Mayor, Governor, Congressmen, Senators, and President to either act on this issue or punish them by your VOTE. Their job and duty is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same, not to their god – any god. And this is your duty to your country as well. Either, be a true American and uphold your Constitution, or take down the red, white and blue flag off your porch and piss on it while you are at it.


There are 31 comments (Click to Read)

Avatar for Cheryl K Kempen
Cheryl K KempenMarch 1st, 2021 at 12:42 pm

Thank you for enlightening us. The Mormons are taking over the town of Nenana, Alaska with their Mormon City Council and Mayor. They are effectively taking over or shutting down all business by underbidding with church supplementation all legitimate contractors like my son’s welding business. They recently had the city’s water pipes freeze and break because of the negligence of one of their Mormon employees. When they needed welding done they hired a local Mormon who was not certified to do this job. They said they certified him. When the election was over my son asked for a public vote count because their results did not reflect votes cast. The Mormon city council threatened to have my son arrested by their Mormon State Trooper. These are minor issues going on at this time in this small (under 400 people) of Nenana. There are much bigger church related incidents involving the purchase of heavy equipment from the lower 48 and shipped to one of local Mormons as well as ownership of a flying service, etc. I keep telling my son he has to do something but what? He is going to run for mayor next term. He did serve on city council, refused to sign the bogus budget but was shut down by the majority repeatedly. His name is John W. Kempen, Jr. He is a 25-year Army Veteran serving 28 months in Iraq. He was a Forward Observer, Drill Sergeant, Top Sniper Scout, Air Assault, Airborne and earned a bronze star. I am telling you this so you know he is an upstanding intelligent citizen. Any advice you can give would be most appreciated.

Avatar for Nathan
NathanFebruary 5th, 2021 at 12:30 pm

Even as a pastor, I agree with most of your blog here. I do think churches should be required to pay a share of taxes possibly. However, I will tell you that most churches that I am aware of do apply for tax exemption. I am trying to figure out why?

Avatar for Ed Clinch
Ed ClinchDecember 20th, 2019 at 4:24 am

Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other worship centers and their communities that are not taxed save our government and people billions every year.
Your logic against faiths and their monies is upside down and backward.

Avatar for Jamie
JamieDecember 2nd, 2019 at 9:44 am

That’s what freedom of religion is. Freedom from government influence. If the Church has to be run like a business that means the government can treat you like a business with all of it’s nondiscrimination policies etc. The Church has one mission and that is to preach the Gospel and reach the lost. Obviously, the person who wrote this article is a Liberal. They’d love to see Churches shut down or to be under the heavy hand of government. Alot of small Churches would have to hire full time people to keep up with all of the rules and regulations which means they would have to shut down because they couldn’t afford it. Instead of whining about how the government needs to start taxing the Churches to get more money, how about cutting wasteful spending and stop giving handouts to people who can work but choose to “game the system” and get all sorts of free stuff.

Avatar for Joseph
JosephOctober 25th, 2019 at 10:49 pm

This is directed to
Kay Omholt-Montague…

“In addition, every priest should be issued a legal and mandatory ban from ever working with children – in any capacity – again. And yes, this would include CHURCHES!”

Do clarify this because it seems you WANT to ban priest and Churches as a whole regardless of whether or not they commited the crime. Instead you plan to ban them because they are guilty by association? That’s is absolutely ridiculous, unenforceable and will cause every human rights lawyer to dogpile on you regardless of whether or not they are even Christian.

By your own idea we should also make a mandatory legal ban on teachers because children can suffer sexual abuse as well.

In fact, Educator sexual abuse is almost completely forgotten.

Don’t interpret this as me defending clergy sexual abuse. Rather it is to show your outright myoptic view is going to do more damage.


“If I were in a position of authority on such matters, I would issue the Catholic Church an ultimatum – They must turn over their records to the proper legal authorities and CEASE/DESIST with their own internal investigations of these abuses – OR – Not only will we immediately terminate tax-exempt status from any/everything having to do with the church, we will also begin legal proceedings to completely SHUT down the church. (For what it is worth, I feel the same about every other so-called religious organization in this country).”

The first part before the Or I can agree with but the second part after the Or just further cements you as a would be tyrant especially how you even want to shut down other religoous organizations in the country.

And for what? Guilt by association. Many church organizations are causing problems? Then go and put them on trial for their crimes but this blanket nuclear solution of banning everyone because they are guilty by association is not only stupid, it’s outright tyrannical because everyone in government can see this broad guilt by association shut and I’m not even into politics.

Avatar for Gordon
GordonAugust 3rd, 2019 at 12:59 pm

The games Satan in the hearts of men and women play, claiming to be Christians, lovers of God, obediene and trustworthy. Jesus never did trust followers so to speak. God trusted The Father and Obeyed His Commands ONLY. That is what the Few that are crowned, approved by The Father do …and nothing else….finished the race by obeying the rules and none other. So, think of it this way and I hope you may be able to see better, even a glimpse better ….One Hundred men will test today BUT only Three will wear a crown.

Avatar for Robert
RobertDecember 9th, 2018 at 9:10 am

Pastor Paul is dead on, as a preacher of the word, I can only agree. I don’t disagree with the idea of non profit, but it needs to have limits And watched,not only the churches but all so called non profits. Like goodwill who’s owner makes over 2 million. Yr. there is deffently something wrong with that picture.

Avatar for Maricica S
Maricica SNovember 17th, 2018 at 6:45 pm

I don’t see this article as any big revelation or enlightenment to the religious establishment or those who call themselves the “nones”. There are those like myself who call ourselves the “dones”.
The church system has historically been a tool the government uses to control the people since Caesars time.
These modern churches of western civilization, separate from the state with tax exempt status are by definition subjugated to the state under corporate charter.
Those joining these organizations know full well what they’re doing and receive reports on what their money is at and what its doing. Elections are held, patronages filled, with all the “right people” represented.
There was a group in ancient times called the Pharisees, the counterparts of today’s church system. Jesus was at odds with these people. His ministry was a walking ministry comprised of homeless people accepting donations. Jesus ministered to and mobilized them. This ragtag bunch was a nuisance to the church people. Jesus called them the hypocrites.
He laid out the gospel for people to follow instead. He had nothing to do with church buildings. Eventually the pharisees executed him and two other “bad guys”.

Avatar for Kay Omholt-Montague
Kay Omholt-MontagueSeptember 25th, 2017 at 6:41 am

Bravo!! I was looking for information on the Catholic Church – both the sexual abuse scandal and whether or not they were tax-exempt – when I found you/your article! May I say it is one of the most articulate and comprehensive essays I have ever read!

I was in a particularly nasty mood, thinking about all those priests who stole/are stealing the innocence of untold numbers of children, all the while living and “preaching” freely as they might please. (With the exception of the Church’s statement which alleges these predators were ‘required’ to live in solitude at a monastery or whatever, to “think about the error of their ways”. When the top, Yo-Ho’s (or whomever) of the Church decide a priest has completed this process, they simply transfer him to a different church, where he is free to molest and abuse other children!?!

At a bare minimum, every single priest who is proven to be an abuser – sexual, physical, emotion or otherwise – should immediately be “ex-communicated” – AKA FIRED from the priesthood. In addition, every priest should be issued a legal and mandatory ban from ever working with children – in any capacity – again. And yes, this would include CHURCHES!

Even better, these priests should be required to go through the legal process – the way every other, single predator in this country has to! Bring each one of them to justice – AND he can have HIS day in court as well.

If I were in a position of authority on such matters, I would issue the Catholic Church an ultimatum – They must turn over their records to the proper legal authorities and CEASE/DESIST with their own internal investigations of these abuses – OR – Not only will we immediately terminate tax-exempt status from any/everything having to do with the church, we will also begin legal proceedings to completely SHUT down the church. (For what it is worth, I feel the same about every other so-called religious organization in this country).

The Catholic Church’s response to the abuses is deeply troubling but hardly surprising. The former pope admitted that his primary objective was protecting the church itself. Nowhere did I hear him make a similar comment about the abuse victims and/or their families. And while these priests are free to go on their merry way, the survivors of their abuse must live with it for the rest of their lives. Some will do better than others. Some of them will become predators themselves. Yet, the Catholic Church protests that everyone is being too HARD on them?? No you over-rated Pope-tard; everyone is being WAY too easy on you/the priests/the church! They should all be counting their blessings; instead, they are whining because their snowflake sensitivities feel attacked? No shit! Do you suppose any of the abuse victims felt similar and/or much WORSE when they were actually, physically being molested?

I was a Lutheran for most of my life, and I had no plans of ever changing that. Over time and after doing more, extensive research, however, I gradually came to the truth of what was inside me. And that truth was that I did NOT believe in the Lutheran – or any other – god claims. It was one of the most pivotal days of my life! A year’s long struggle with suicide attempts and deep depression were no longer present in my life! It is truly amazing how liberating it can be – and was for me – when you let go of something that you really did not believe and about which you were suspicious and/or had MANY troubling questions!

In sum – I would not have a single problem with any person believing in their own god – IF and only IF – they/their specific religious organizations did not constantly try to influence my/many people’s lives! Religion is everywhere, whether I want it to be or not. It is on our money “In god we trust”! The same phrase can be seen engraved in many federal and state buildings. We are required to take an oath, under god (which I will NOT do if called to testify. I will ask for a copy of the US Constitution). Every single POTUS ends – and often begins – a speech with “god bless you and god bless the USA”. I hear those morning prayer breakfasts at the capitol are alive and well! The local rescue mission (run by a Christian organization) where I live, makes it mandatory for a person to agree to attend their chapel services in order to receive a bed, good food, something to drink and a warm place to stay. I know of at least three people who have been denied services for refusing to agree to this.

So, PLEASE do not tell me you or any other religious organization is not doing anything to hurt me or anyone else. While you and your specific church may, indeed, not be harming anyone, you do not have to look very long or hard to find one that IS harming people I know – IE: the local rescue mission. The religious right is working diligently to take away a woman’s right to her own body and its reproductive system. They are also working behind the scenes to turn every school into a Christian school. Hand and glove with this, they are working to get the USA officially named/titled as a “Christian Nation” – something that is strictly prohibited by the US Constitution. Maybe you are Christian and you do not find this to be troubling. If that is the case, then please ask yourself this question – Would you feel the same way if leaders behind the scenes were diligently working to turn America into a Muslim Nation – or a Buddhist nation – or a Jewish nation – or any other religion, but Christianity, nation? And what about ALL the Americans who are NOT Christian, many of whom are atheist or agnostic? Will they begin to pass laws requiring me to profess my allegiance and loyalty to the Christian religion? And what if I/others refuse to do so? Will this be called a crime – felony or otherwise – upon which we could be thrown into prison/jail?

Avatar for Agnieszka
AgnieszkaFebruary 2nd, 2017 at 7:05 pm

by the way…The Lions portion of Catholic Church profit( yes i call it profit) is sent to Vatican…Vatican in Italy…and this is not right !

Avatar for Agnieszka
AgnieszkaFebruary 2nd, 2017 at 6:59 pm

well, i am sorry to read all that harsh words …echoes of scratched pride…WAKE UP !!!! we are all here for “Good Cause”. Give to an Emperor what is his and give The Lord what belongs to Him…Separation of Church and State is in The Bible.Milions of dollars goes somewhere when our social security is in jeopardy.I do not know politics…i keep away from this.But i believe, at list ,The Emperor and Church should meet in the middle…and this is not fair having operation with out paying taxes.

Avatar for Adam J
Adam JAugust 26th, 2016 at 11:51 am

To all the religious folks who think you know “the truth”, believe me, you don’t. You’ve been indoctrinated into your religion much like to a cult. After all, Christianity is just the Cult Of Jesus Christ.

Avatar for John Sinclair
John SinclairJuly 31st, 2016 at 10:23 pm

I did not read the whole article so you have no obligation to read mine. Certainly there is abuse of this freedom from property taxation. It was designed by our founders, I believe, so there would be an alternative voice to that of government as to matters moral. However the Johnson amendment has given only the liberal churches such a freedom. Churches do a lot of good at a low cost. One Church I am familiar with has less than 100 in attendance yet supplies groceries to 50-250 families twice a month. We have many volunteers and none of us receive any money. If the facility in which we pass out the food were taxed, we could not afford it.

Avatar for PatrickTheBaptist
PatrickTheBaptistJune 22nd, 2016 at 2:28 am

A 501c3 is not a real church to begin with.
But not all of them keep their financial details private, MANY have open business meetings where their members can review all the financial details of their “club”.

IF they are following the teachings of the Lord Jesus, they aren’t going to goto the IRS for permission to be tax exempt to begin with because for one by doing so, they can be controlled by the government in what they teach or risk being shut down and most are controlled by the government to begin with, it’s called “fema clergy response / federalized pastors”.
Same as how the american flag has no business being in a real church, the REAL church is separate from the state, these 501c3s are “creatures of the state businesses”.

Avatar for Vanessa
VanessaJune 14th, 2016 at 3:37 pm

I totally agree on some of the points in your article. Many of our churches take the attitude that “they won’t know” when they use church funds for personal or other purposes other than the ministry. I have heard this said first hand by a pastor when he used church funds to purchase supplies for his wife’s medical school. I was appalled and am contemplating not being a part of the finance committee or even the ministry.

Avatar for Vickie
VickieJanuary 1st, 2016 at 8:27 pm

Who is banding together to change this? I need to join.

Avatar for Lindsey Worley
Lindsey WorleySeptember 24th, 2015 at 7:55 pm

Excellent article. Thank you for saying what many of us are thinking, but afraid to speak out!I find it incredulous that churches don’t voluntarily pay their fair share (or any share)of taxes. I guess they fail to grasp the scripture, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”

It’s seems pretty self-explanatory to me.

Avatar for Freeone
FreeoneJuly 31st, 2015 at 11:07 am

The Church USED to be the first place you would run to. But after 4 months of homelessness, not one truly helped. Not ONE! They do not do their jobs at all! My job on my journey is to be “the least of these”. Every door I knocked on in the christian world, has proved to be nothing but goats! So, sadly, the majority of churches today are deluded by self-righteous hypocrisy. When I witnessed a 35 year old woman, dying of breast cancer, get turned away. I am certain that God is truly full of Holy Anger. And this time, Yeshua won’t be coming to sooth their souls. He will war and deliver due justice on those who have used His name in Vain.

Avatar for Chris Sorbi
Chris SorbiMarch 14th, 2014 at 3:02 pm

Hi Jesse,

Law enforcement and rehabilitation is not the job of a church, and if it is, why is it applied to only Christians after conversion? More interestingly, why is it that more than 75% of all US prisoners are Christians? The point of this article wasn’t the religion itself, as I’m sure many churches go above and beyond to do good and have no problem disclosing their financial data. The problem is the automatic tax exemption on a discriminatory basis and total immunity of wrong doers from the law.

The moral of story is that we are either equal in the eyes of the law, or if we are not, we should not fund a select population forcibly out of public tax dollars, mine included.

Best of luck to you in your nonprofit endeavors.

Avatar for Jesse
JesseMarch 13th, 2014 at 2:51 pm

In my church, I volunteered and did youth ministry for a dozen years. We connected with kids that no one else would connect with because our faith teaches the value of all human beings. While I recognize that no one knows the future, I am quite sure some of the guys I worked with would have ended up in jail had it not been for the church. And that would have cost tax payers $28,000 per year per offender, not to mention costs of law enforcement and legal processes. And churches do many things like that – and probably would continue to do so even without tax exemptions – only less so because it would be a bit more difficult.

And Churches also give hope, comfort, counseling, and provide relief. Many people who work in other non-profits are inspired to do so, in part, because of what they learned, or heard, or due to relationships they found in their churches.

As for the reason I am here, I am filing a 501(c)(3) status for my new church. So thanks for your help in that. I’m working to meet all the requirements the IRS asks for. Your post reminds me of the importance of being open and above board.

Avatar for Enialee
EnialeeAugust 28th, 2013 at 9:54 am

Not saying this is you Angela, but most, but you do sound bogged down in a lot of rhetoric, the majority of people who follow anything are in the “blind” they go by the sounding good words and in the unquestioned being in the dark beliefs. Does cult sound familiar. Most don’t question or research the history of heir ‘religion’ what or why it is what it is. Knowing only superficial what they want you to know. Tenets and dogmas.

There has been so much scandalous behaviors that has come out of religion, including mass deaths that one should dig very deeply. Tax exempt is another on the side of government blindness.

Avatar for Chris Sorbi
Chris SorbiAugust 27th, 2013 at 11:41 pm

Ms. Angela Navarrete, from Wisconsin, what part of what I said about the Mormon church was wrong? Is your church denying recent history now? And the truth? What truth? If you’re referring to the garbage that comes out of the mouth of your church elders, I do confess, it’s terrifying and I AM scared. Scared for my country, scared for my sanity, scared for manipulation of history.

Yes, I am the author of this site, and if you don’t like what you find here, you can most certainly fuck off. And you’re calling me a crook? For sharing wealth of information for free? Let’s not get carried away here, you advertise on your website that you’re an “expert” in nonprofit matters, yet you come to my website to learn what you said you already knew, and charge unsuspecting people for it? Not only you’re a crook, you are an asshole too. A classic Mormon story.

Avatar for Angela
AngelaAugust 21st, 2013 at 9:25 pm

I feel so bad for you whoever you are who wrote this appalling article.
I happen to be MORMON and KNOW for a fact you are so very wrong about your beliefs in our Church in all aspects. You should really know exactly what you are talking about BEFORE opening your mouth.
People like you just prove to us we are right or you wouldn’t be so bent on making us out to be such bad people. scared of us a little bit are you? or just of the truth?
If you are the author of the entire non-profit web site that the Form 1023 information was in, I am sorry I even bothered to open your site AND I can certainly see why you are in dire need of DONATIONS you are a crook I suppose who is using a NON_PROFIT status for your deviations of reality. Pay your taxes and shut up.

Avatar for Frieda
FriedaMarch 4th, 2013 at 1:15 pm

We have a story about Glad Tidings Church (1280 Webster Street, X Eddy and Ellis) in San Francisco, filing property-tax exempt status for the past 35+ years, that has been allowed
to operate an every weekend car wash business. Below is a synopsis of
almost 3-years running of local, competing, legitimate car wash
businesses ATTEMPTS to enforce California’s tax laws with no success!

1. A church in San Francisco has been allowed for the last 35-years to
operate a weekend business in direct violation
with CA property tax code 214

2. California State Board of Equalization is aware
3. SF Assessor’s office is aware
4. Property is zoned residential, yet planning department refuses to
enforce zoning laws
5. Local business owners (forced to compete with the CHURCH) have been
trying to get the SF assessor’s office to tax the property, for 2.5 years, with no
5a. State Board of Equalization has offered a “ruling” in a 7-page
letter to the SF Assessor with numerous reasons why the
property is taxable, yet SF Assessor does not tax!(property taxation
is job of each local assessor-recorder)
6. Local business owners (forced to compete with the CHURCH) have
asked the planning department to enforce zoning. they refuse, stating
that weekend car washing is “an accessory use of property by CHURCH)
7. Our documentation is extensive with photos, videos, meetings with
SF department heads with no result.
8. We are told the CHURCH has a lot of “political pull in SF”. So much
so, that they do not have to pay property taxes or
adhere to zoning laws!
9. This business is out in the open, operating 9 out of every 10
Saturdays and up until 2 years ago was operating every Friday and
Saturday with the permission of all SF city government department
heads, including SFPD, Planning, Assessor, and City Attorney’s
10. Annual exempt filings by CHURCH only done every ten years instead
of requirement of annually.
11. When filed, annual exemptions claimed by CHURCH are filed
fraudulently, stating no fund raising takes place on the property. All
of this is documented via public records requests.
12. The business is a CAR WASH and has a “business license” issued by
California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor
Standards Enforcement (DLSE) which regulates the car wash industry in
13. Hundreds of cars washed each day open with 20+ workers. Estimated
daily CASH intake, $1500-$3000++.

Read Tax Code 214 if you are not familiar!

Is your organization interested? It would take about 30-40 minutes to
read through our EXTENSIVE documentation to get up to speed. It is
truly a story in corruption (in our opinion!) and refusal of state and
local government to enforce tax code on a CHURCH!

Videos are available on Youtube! Search “Glad Tidings Church Illegal Car Wash”

Please let me know.

Thank You

California Car Wash Coalition

Avatar for Elaine
ElaineNovember 5th, 2012 at 4:44 pm

My view on “religion” is about the very imperfect people who use that method to gain and control. Me, no never. I do have the utmost respect for the church(es) that I was am fed from, and grew. Hurt no.

None are so blind as those who will not see, and trying to lead others..Ah the blind leading the blind. The universal deceptions that occur make the truth a revolutionary act. Orwell, not a direct quote but it will suffice.

Well, psychology and people skills should be a part of pastoral work, clergy. But you don’t know me, and I didn’t address you per se for the same reason. It was an observation and general fact that I stated. “Don’t protest too much.”

And the heart felt intentions and desire to serve God and our fellow man? Where have you been, that does not happen, if you are one of those who do exhibit a sincere concern, walk the walk, talk the talk then I commend you. That is not the way it is, however, wake up.

The biggest part of this is being compromised in a mental bondage by people who are for their own gain. Tell me you don’t see that and know nothing about it.

I’m not hurt by what I don’t buy into. Those who do are. I’m a believer in the spiritual truth and testimony of the Bible, but it is not taught, word by work or line by line as it should be but divided and it the pulpit who really don’t know it, just a parroting.

My prayers for you as well..Good luck People don’t need to be hypnotized they already are, conditioned, to the max. We are bombarded, and religion, which is a man made item is at the top. Always has been look at study your history. There is religion as many as suits and clothing to change into, spirit is one!!

Avatar for Superior Solutions
Superior SolutionsNovember 5th, 2012 at 10:15 am

Elaine I am not sure of who hurt you or abused you in the church. Your view on religion is heartbreaking. While there are many who don’t live according to God’s word, there are many others who do. The church is the first place people run to for help. We reach out into the communities and provide food, clothing, and shelter to those in need. I will keep you in prayer. It is apparent that the anger is much more deeply rooted than that of tax issues. I do thank you for putting this information together and hope that you find peace with whoever hurt you.

Avatar for Elaine
ElaineOctober 11th, 2012 at 11:38 am

Walt, if you are not aware of it get Michael Moore’s documentary about the IRS…it should not be in existence. Actually. the congressmen and legislature individuals he spoke with could not legally justify it in present day. Not on the books.

Avatar for Elaine
ElaineOctober 11th, 2012 at 11:35 am

Thank you Pastor Paul..There is of course good, an not so good in everything. People are the ones that pervert. Nature is what is is and free will , consciousness has taken many down a deep dark hole. A very winding path.

Personally, I don’t think that most of the people that preach the Bible even know it. They take what they want and conform it into a good sermon, it is supposed to be taught line by line,book by book in context. distorting from the essence and parables, examples being taught which are spiritual and for edifying.

I saw the “Book of Eli” and the essence of that was, whoever had that last Bible could control the masses of who were left. People want to believe and are mislead for profit or, and ignorance. Not one tittle of the word should be changed and those at the pulpit are the first to be judged. quote unquote.

That being said, Thank you for your response and I agree with what you say about the disclosure of the church. It should not be secretive, that is a clue to underlying problems, it is not just one contained thing.

Avatar for Walt Spearman
Walt SpearmanOctober 11th, 2012 at 10:07 am

The better approach to all of this is to dissolve the IRS….that is the real blight on America!

Avatar for Pastor Paul
Pastor PaulAugust 23rd, 2012 at 6:40 am

As a pastor, I battled through this long article and kept on wanting to comment sooner but I’m glad I didn’t. At the end, I have to thank you for writing this article and agree with most of what had to say.Although I don’t share the same views as you do on religion, I have to admit that churches have misused the system and they will continue to do so as longs as they are allowed blindly by the US government.

The church that I have the privilege to serve is a very small church, we have no more than 40 members and our books are open to public. Being secretive has no merit in an organization such as a church, which should be the most transparent of all. If a church follows the steps of Jesus Christ, it should have no fear of disclosing its matters with public. Those who don’t have something to hide.

Avatar for Elaine
ElaineAugust 8th, 2012 at 6:14 pm

I’m appalled by the discrepancies and downright looking the other way when it comes to “churches,” that they are, well, holier than thou. This is just one of the things that is wrong with the system. And not everyone knows about it, I sure didn’t.

People should, in mass numbers, come out and get this changed. Change the laws. Change everything about the gross inconsistencies that churches, one of the biggest money making business there is, to bit the bullet with the rest of those who have to toe the mark.


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