IRS Form 1023 Help – Nonprofit Application For 501(c)(3) OrganizationsA Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide To Staring A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations 501(c)(3) help book free download

Besides the hands-on help on this site on the form 1023, I have also put a help book together with hope of shedding more light on this subject. This downloadable 501c3 help book comes straight out of the Small to Mid-sized Workshop participant text books offered at Exempt Organization’s workshops for small and mid-size section 501(c)(3) exempt organizations. I have put this book together out of the chapters from the IRS files, in a coherent way. This book should be regarded as a bible for every non-profit organization and should be read by all volunteers, directors and employees. This book is free, you can share it with whomever you like and no payment of any sort is required to download or use it.

501c3 help book

I hope that this text helps you become more familiar with tax laws governing exempt organizations and understand how compliance with these laws will strengthen your organization.  The credits for the work go to the hard work of the following individuals and their staff:

Lois G. Lerner 
Director, Exempt Organizations
Internal Revenue Service

Roberta “Bobby” Zarin
Director, Customer Education and
Outreach, Exempt Organization
Internal Revenue Service

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